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London is a dynamic City, and when it comes to renting London accommodation, prices and property types are widely varied. Renting a home can be cheaper than buying your own place, and allows you a lot less responsibility, and a more flexible lifestyle.

Make sure to ask yourself, if you want to be in the heart of the action and don’t mind busy streets and some noise, or do you want to be on a quiet residential road.


Decide whether you need furnished or unfurnished accommodation. If you choose furnished accommodation make sure you check the inventory list thoroughly

If you choose unfurnished accommodation, consider the costs of purchasing new items. (beds, sofa, kitchen and bathroom ware, etc..)

It is advisable if possible to inspect the property both in the day time and night time. If possible meet the previous occupiers, and ask about maintenance issues and neighbours.

How near to public transport is the property

Has the gas been inspected within the last year. (Annual gas checks by corgi registered inspectors are required by law.)

You should not be charged an additional fee to an agent for finding the property, however there may be administration costs, so make sure that you ask the agent concerned.


Once you have found a property that meets your requirements, provide the letting agent/landlords with your documents and money. You will usually need references (including current contact details) from an employee, previous landlord, bank etc.

You will need a deposit of 1 month to six weeks, and months rent, this needs to be paid before you move in. Deposit is held against damage to the property or unpaid rent. (1 months rent, is calculated – weekly rent multiplied by 52 and then divided by 12 months .)

When your references are satisfactory and monies in order, you will be asked to sign a tenancy agreement. This is a legally binding document between the tenant and the landlord. It will show the length of stay, agreed rent, and state your rights and responsibilities. MAKE SURE YOU READ IT CARFEULLY!

If you are dealing with an agent and are unsure about any issues, discuss it with them directly, they should be giving you advice.

Once the paperwork has cleared, which takes from a week to 10 days, you can move in!


It is usually a good idea to give your new home a clean before moving in or unpacking your furniture/possessions.

Make sure you know where all of you gas and water mains are. Contact your utilities (gas, water, electricity, council tax, TV lisence) and transfer the accounts to your name. You will need up to date bills as a form of identification anyway.

Get your phone and/or internet set up straight away, as this can take a few weeks for full installation. Make sure you

Redirect your Mail, and make sure you transfer existing bills (mobile phone) to your new address.

Is there a smoke alarm?

If there is an alarm already in place check to make sure there are new batteries, and it is working correctly.

Lives are lost every year from fire and smoke, it is strongly recommended to have a smoke alarm installed

Is there a burglar alarm or do you need one


If you are moving into an unfurnished property you may require professional help with larger items.

Click here for a list of removal companies and van hire .


Contents Insurance

When moving into a new home, getting content insurance can be a lifesaver. Your personal possessions are your responsibility, and are not usually covered by building insurance.

General contents insurance covers furniture, household goods, personal items,

Be sure to search around for the right policy for you, they will differ, depending on value, level of cover and even property location.

Make sure you value your items correctly, if you have any expensive or specialist items seek advise you may want them insured separately.

Accidental Damage

This policy protects against accidental damage to the landlords property.

Does your policy cover liability insurance , in case somebody is injured during a visit to your home.


Paying rent on time can be a lot less stressful and you will have a good relationship with your landlord!

Any maintenance issues you may have, contact your landlord directly.

Make sure you contact your landlords if you plan to make any changes to the property.

Make sure you are aware of your neighbors, and try keep the property in good order.

Please note – If you are coming from abroad Make sure you check the voltage before using electrical equipment. remember uk voltage UK voltage is 240v

Click on “Letting agents in London” to find an agent who specialises in rentals similar to the one you are seeking. Agents displayed on serve the London area, and many are well established, with years of experience. When submitting a request, make sure your requirements in detail with the agent, such as type and size of property, furnished or unfurnished, location and length of tenancy. This should ensure you are matched with the right property.

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