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Landlords consider renting your accommodation during the Olympic Games?

The Olympic Games are coming to London in the summer of 2012, it’s now just around the corner!  Many industry experts rightly believe that there will be unprecedented demand for short term accommodation, flats and apartments all over London and other Olympics event areas. Visitor numbers, for the Olympics, are estimated to be between 300,000 and 500,000 people. This will potentially create a shortage of hotel room an in our case short letting apartments. We here at Easy London Accommodation have set up a small specialised team to try and meet the demand for these Olympic visitors whilst also catering to the specific needs of our landlords. We realise that the actual number of tourist visitors to London could actually fall. Holiday makers planning to visit a country hosting the Olympics are likely to be put off by the perceived rise in the price of accommodation and flights. This was certainly the case with Sydney, Athens and Beijing where visitor numbers were significantly down compared to a typical year.

The reduction of general holiday visitor numbers may give case to the argument that the short term boom in demand for housing may be being overplayed. Think about the aftermath of the Olympics when everyone has gone home. There will be an excess of property on the market. Therefore a landlord could find themselves with an apartment in a then reducing market. That is not to say that there won’t be some benefits in renting your property during the Olympics, but landlords with properties already let need to be mindful that the event is only 17 days long.

If Landlords do wish to rent their property just for the Olympics, we know the best choice would be Easy London accommodation. Our short let specialism puts us in the best position to ensure that properties are being rented before, during, and after the Olympics.
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