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What’s the difference between Short Let, Rentals and Flat Shares?



Short Lets


In London this type of short letting accommodation can be as for as little as 1 nights stay to as long as 180 nights. Renting self catering apartments in London has rapidly increased over the years. More and more private families, friends and business realize to can rent short stay apartments for less price than a small hotel room.

Different owners, landlords and agencies will offering different services and facilities in their accommodation, but in general you can expect  to have a fully furnished apartment with bed linen and towels provided.

This type of accommodation provides you with a fully furnished apartment with utility bills included, often for less price than a hotel. Ideal for students, professionals and tourists. We list self catering short let accommodation in London from just £25.00 per night or £175.00 per week.




Need an apartment in London long term, then search the rentals area to find thousands of properties available to rent. Usually the shortest contract is 12 months, however many letting agents and Landlords in London can offer a 6 months tenancy in the accommodation.


Flat Share

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How can I advertise my property

Simple create your account, add your property description, type, size, price and photo’s.


Once this is complete you can pay for one month or 12 months listing.

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How do I search for flats or apartments to rent in London

Using our website its easy to find a flat to rent in London. You could be visiting London  for a few nights, weeks or months and need short let holiday rental apartment. Maybe you are moving to or within London for at least 6-12 months or staying permanently! Even if you want to rent a room in London we are a great selection for both long term rentals and short lets.


We have the site split into 3 categories depending on your requirements.


Holiday & Short Lets list hundreds of short let properties in around London. We aim to provide apartments in London which cater for everyone’s budget. You will find anything from a basic studio flat through to luxury serviced apartments. Most properties are in Zone 1, but Zone 2-5 offers excellent value for money. With London’s excellent public transport you can stay anywhere and still access the city centre and major tourist sight in minutes.

Usually short let properties are inclusive of utility bills. Some or the owners, landlords, property manager and agencies may charge additional fee’s such as exit cleaning, or charges to use their Wi-Fi.

So if you need a holiday apartment or short let accommodation in London search our HOLIDAY & SHORT LETS PAGE NOW!!!


This section lists thousand of properties displayed by letting agent all over London. We target the best agents in London, so be assure any properties you find on the site are offer by letting agents who we would rent from ourselves. Each of the letting agents in London have multiple properties, even if what they have advertised on easylondonaccommodation has been let before you see it, they will often have alternatives in the same area coming onto the rental market soon.

We also have landlords who offer properties direct, sometimes this can work out cheaper because the landlord will not have to a letting agent fee’s. Look out for more tips and advice thorugh these help pages.

You just have to search the area or region you want to rent a flat in. When you find an apartment or flat which you would like to rent you can email an enquiry with our form, your details is immediately sent directly to the letting agent or landlord who published the property on


To find a place to rent for 6 months or more search here


Flat Shares

Renting a room in a flat is getting more and more popular every year, sometime renting in the capital can be expensive! Renting a room gives you all the benefits of a larger apartment at a fraction of the price. You will be surprised at well this can work out, flat sharer’s tend to be friendly and open minded people. In most cases you will have the opportunity to meet the flat mates you will be sharing with before agreeing any contact.


Find a room to rent in London

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Can I Find & Book Accommodation during London Olympic Games 2012



This month we are really seeing a lot enquires for people who need accommodation during the Olympic games. The trend seems to be that bookings will be accepted from January ’2012.


Search our Holiday & Short Let’s for any properties which might be just what you are looking for. We list studio flats, one-five bedroom properties, luxury serviced apartments and flat shares.

The demand is going to be very high, there simply is not enough hotel rooms in London for everyone visiting London, so the apartments market will be very busy in July & August ’2012. It’s advisable you do not leave it too late to book your accommodation for the London Olympics 2012. As more and more bookings are completed they will be more desperation come the summer and prices will escalate rapidly.

About the prices! We have done a lot of research and not all landlords and property managers are charging super high prices for the Olympics 2012 period. If you can find something like this you could save a lot of money. Other wise the indication is the average property in east London will cost 200-300% more than the normal summer rate.

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I have already sent an email request but the landlord has not reponded

We suggest waiting at least 24 hours. Most people these days will check their emails daily. Of course not everyone is so fast so try to be patiant. Many landlords and agents list a phone number with their advert, so you could call and explain you need an urgent response.


If you still have no reply after 2-3 days then please let us know, not only will we try an accommodate you, we will also contact the landlord or agent and warn them. We feel its very important enquires are responded to – even if the property is no longer available.


For any help email us

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Tips & Advice for booking

We have staff who monitor the properties on our website and we do everything can to protect our users. To give yourself more peace of mind here is some tips and advice which might help.
  • Read the description clearly
  • Ask further questions. If the description doesn’t answer all your questions the owner/manager will be happy to help.
  • Credit C

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